8 Ways to Be The Worst Twitter User Ever


I don't know about you but I had trouble getting by before Twitter (which, by the way, is an excellent spot for breaking news and sleepless nights as someone is always awake and tweeting), but as Daily Caller senior contributor and The Week columnist Matt Lewis noted a days ago, it can also be a "high school/prison" made up of mean, useless hellions who add nothing to the major social media platform. Here are eight ways that people single themselves out as the worst Twitter uses ever. Beware of falling into this terrible category of no return.

1. Send automated "thanks for the follow" direct messages.

Because what could be more impersonal (or obnoxious) than that?

2. Overtweet at one particular user

It's basically the same as doing this, and do you really want to be like Over-attached Girlfriend? I think not.

3. Overtweet...especially nonsense.

Enough said.

4. Only retweet things.

We want to follow you, not your friends!

5. Publish fake BREAKING tweets

I know it seems kind of funny in theory to tweet something along the lines of, "BREAKING: Bloomberg outlaws chocolate and candy," but didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to cry wolf?

6. Hide under fake, faceless avatars

How can you ever be a respectable troll if you can't bring yourself to show your face while trolling?

7. Only tweet photos of yourself

This is mainly applicable to celebrities (like Lea Michele above), and no matter how famous you are, there's only so much patience your audience has watching you vacation and show off your skinny jeans all the time.

8. Pick fights and bully other users senselessly.

As Matt Lewis and Jimmy Kimmel would say, don't be that guy!