Hillary Clinton's Career Told in Pictures


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves office as the most popular member of President Obama’s first-term cabinet.

In her tenure she proved to be an effective ambassador and foreign policy adviser. She visited over 212 countries, was an advocate for women empowerment in third world countries, and implemented new strategic management processes in the State Department.

Here is a recap of her tenure told in pictures.

1. Taking the oath of office

2. She introduced the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, an initiative to establish measureable objectives and processes for developing strategic as well as tactical objectives for the State Department.

3. She is the most traveled Secretary of State in history, visiting 112 countries during her tenure.


4. Many of the countries had not been visited in decades. Such as ...



Cook Islands


5. Clinton is a strong advocate for women empowerment, particularly in third world countries. During her travels she always made sure to meet with women’s groups and women leaders.



With Dilma Vana Rousseff, the first female president of Brazil

6. Part of the Clinton lore is her openness and sometimes care-free attitude ...

7. ... and her hair.

8. As a diplomat she understood the need to meet with leaders as diverse as ...

Nelson Mandela

And Hugo Chavez

9. She is a strong proponent for internet freedom and penalties against cyber terrorism.

In 2010, Wikileaks released a series of State Department classified documents that brought the issue of internet freedom and cyber terrorism front and center.

10. Pakistan has been a sore point during her tenure. She visited the country in 2009 ...

Two years later she sat in the Situation Room monitoring the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in that country.

11. Clinton has had a multifaceted role. In Haiti she was a humanitarian.

During the Israeli-Palestine talks she acted as a diplomat.

With Afghanistan she has been a foreign policy adviser. Here she is with prime minister Karzai announcing Afghanistan’s admission as a non-NATO treaty member.

12. The attack on the Benghazi consulate in Libya was admittedly the worst moment of her career. She expressed that disappointment in reverence and respect ...

And in rage.


13. For now Clinton leaves the public sector where hopefully she won’t have to worry about what the world thinks about her hair ...

Or her texts.

14. Rather, we can just thank her for service and let her fly off into the sunset.