Super Bowl 2013 Prop Bets: 5 Bets On Super Bowl Sunday


All odds provided by Bovada Online Gaming

What a way to start off the prop bets. For starters you should know that this number is unusually high with recent performances clocking in way below: Clarkson (1:35), Aguilera (1:45), Underwood (1:43). The last performance to push over this figure was Jennifer Hudson's lip-synced anthem in 2009 (2:13). There has been buzz that Keys will go off the reservation, adding new lyrics and stretching out the performance in the hopes of surpassing Whitney Houston's memorable anthem. Judge for yourself, here's Keys during a recent interview, "It's a historical moment, that day, so I'm looking forward to really doing it my style and my way, and I'm looking forward to really making it great." 

A lot of post game handshakes turn into hugs with coaches exchanging whispers and a few extra back-and-forth comments. Jim and John have already stated they'll spend some time together this week and I have a feeling that by the time the game is done the loser will want to get out of the spotlight as quickly as possible. Vegas seems to think the same thing, forcing gamblers to pay a little extra juice to take that under.