5 Celebrities Who Really Didn't Need to Become Authors


When it comes to the rich and famous the public is filled with an endless curiosity, hence tabloids and paparazzi. But reading the made-up stories of our favorite celebs gives some people a special thrill — which is why some of these books, despite lackluster and sometimes harsh reviews, made bestseller lists. Here are five of the most unlikely celebs that wrote novels.

1. Tyra Banks, Modelland:

In Modelland, Tyra stretches the imagination to include a land of mysterious models, all vying to become an "Intoxibella." Banks' book reached number two on the New York Times Best Seller List. From what I readModelland, which was supposed to promote self-esteem in young girls, has gained criticism from feminist organizations for presenting a main character whose only choice in life besides being a factory slave is becoming a model. It sounds like an interesting story nonetheless.

2. Lauren Conrad, L.A. Candy:

Conrad was the star of the MTV reality show The Hillsand L.A. Candy reflects that. Like most the celebs on this list, Conrad's book is semi-autobiographical. The story follows "Jane Roberts," a 19 year old who moves to L.A. for an internship and is offered a starring role in a reality show. Those who loved The Hills so much would most likely enjoy this story that they want to relive it all over again with different character names. Though her attempt at authorship failed to attract many other readers besides the fans she already had, "LC" has a successful clothing line that's still going strong.

3. Nicole Richie, The Truth About Diamonds:

The Truth About Diamonds follows the life of "Chloe Parker," a young girl who is adopted by a famous singer and his wife and spends her teen years partying and using drugs. If you know anything about Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, then you know this sounds very familiar. The general consensus on the net is that the book (first of three in a series) isn't terrible, but it isn't particularly good either. 

4. Hillary Duff, Elixir:

Elixir follows Clea Raymond, a photojournalist and offspring of a famous politician and surgeon in this refreshingly non-autobiographical story. Duff blends the supernatural with romance and mystery in a novel that has received rave reviews. Duff also admits to co-authoring the book with Elise Allen that is also refreshing. Call me a skeptic, but I suspect that many other celebrity authors need to admit they didn't write their stories alone. 

5. Snooki, A Shore Thing:

In the interests of saving the best for last, heeeere's Snooki! A Shore Thing follows Giovanna "Gia" Spumanti and her cousin into a drama filled summer on the Jersey Shore. These summers are filled with "hot guidos, cool clubs, fried Oreos, and lots of tequila." There are lots of mixed reviews on GoodReads — some say it's the worst book ever and others say it's ... good (gasp!)

While celebrities have a tendency to dabble in things that only professionals should (acting, authoring, politics), it's usually entertaining to watch. After all, entertaining is their job, right?