Why Chuck Norris Would Be a Better Secretary of Defense Than Chuck Hagel


Chuck Norris is far more philosophically qualified than Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense. On a range of foreign policy issues, Norris consistently shows himself to be an advocate of this nation maintaining peace through strength, remaining true to our friends, and providing a beacon of moral clarity to the world. Chuck Hagel, on the other hand, seems to support "containment" of the gravest threats to civilization, speaks out against our most steadfast ally in the Middle East, and hesitates to join others in condemning evil.

Of great concern is the support Chuck Hagel has earned from the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Apparently, the ministry has endorsed Hagel. This should come as no surprise. While being interviewed on Al Jazeera, Hagel agreed with a listener that America is the "world's bully." Such bias against his own nation is unbecoming of a defense secretary. The perspective is divorced from reality and aligns with history revisionists.

Throughout his tenure in the Senate, Hagel repeatedly exhibited extreme reluctance to confront evil supported by Iran and her allies. In 2001, Hagel opposed sanctions in Iran. In 2006, Hagel was one of only 12 senators who refused to sign a letter designating Hezbollah a terrorist organization. In 2007, Hagel refused to join 76 of his colleagues in designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization. In 2008, Hagel was just one of two senators on the Senate Banking Committee to oppose legislation imposing sanctions on countries conducting certain business in Iran.

Repeatedly, Chuck Hagel finds himself in a small minority within the Senate who refuse to condemn anti-Semitism and violence against Israelis. In 1999, Hagel was the ONLY Senator to refuse to sign a New York Times ad asking Boris Yeltsin to resolve anti-Semitism in Russia. In 2004, Hagel was one of just four senators who would not sign a letter in support of Israel during the intifada. Chuck Hagel believes the Iranian government is "legitimate" and opposed designating the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a "terrorist organization."

Chuck Norris' worldview is far superior to that of Chuck Hagel. For instance, Norris openly supports Israel's right to self-defense. In fact, Norris endorsed Bibi Netanyahu in this most recent Israeli election precisely because of Netanyahu's commitment to defeating evil. In contrast to Hagel, Chuck Norris supports sanctions on Iran and speaks out strongly in support of Israel's right to self-defense. Chuck Norris clearly speaks out against Hamas – an elected government —as a terrorist organization even as Chuck Hagel pronounces the Iranian regime "legitimate" and thus unworthy of a "terrorist" label.

While Chuck Hagel possesses more foreign policy experience, his worldview is woefully at odds with mainstream United States foreign policy objectives and stands in stark contrast to the moral clarity required of our leaders. Chuck Norris consistently speaks out in support of our allies and in support of steadfast measures against evil. President Obama, in nominating a senator so far removed from the mainstream, does a disservice to the United States and to the world.