10 Looniest Posts From The New Tea Party Facebook


One new corner of the web you probably won't want to visit is the newly launched Tea Party Community, which, as you might suspect, is quickly becoming a nexus for batshit insane political views.

The site is set to officially take off Saturday – and it already has around 90,000 members. Not bad.

I got past the gate and started poking around. Here are the ten most deranged posts I found in the first 15 minutes:

1. It's swamped by commies:

Thanks for coming to my concert. Don't forget to buy a Sobbing Lady Liberty or Obama Is Hitler T-shirt!

2. The world's worst Christmas cards:

The Obama Administration: run by a Communist, a Freemason, a leftist thug and a Fascist. Got it.

3. White pride, or something!?:

The Tea Party: Fighting for the right to proudly label yourself a racist.

4. MS Paint secession scenarios:

Welcome... to the F.R.O.A.!

5. Assertions of killer ancestry:

My grandpa makes chairs.

6. The only thing that could improve this family photo? Firearms:


Aww, well thank you, heavily armed crying eagle!

7. Uh oh, you might run into some... gays!?:

What is wrong with the world when your children could have accidentally seen a picture of two grown men with their faces not touching!?

Also: I hate you.

8. You've got to legaize it!:

"Marijuana is better for you then any drug, including alcohol and cigarettes!"

Think about that one for a second.

9. Barry was a Kenyan all the way back then, too!:


10. Rants, rants, rants:

Okay, you got me. I would like to "view less."

Addicting Info writer and self-described "Filthy Liberal Scum" Justin Rosario says that revelations of the site opening have him "seriously starting to wonder if there's a God, after all." I don't know about God, but I know there is now officially a Hell.