YouTube Beyonce Halftime Show Video: Watch Her Great Performance


Beyonce saved the day on Super Bowl Sunday, salvaging what was an otherwise boring first half of football with a stunning Super Bowl halftime show performance which will have the entertainment world talking all week long. In an otherwise forgettable night of sports, this performance was one surely not to be missed.

In contrast to performances in recent years which missed the mark (remember Janet Jackson and Madonna?), Beyonce nailed it. She delivered renditions of songs, "Halo," "Love on Top," and "Single Ladies." What's more, she performed alongside former bandmates from Destiny's Child Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, in a reunion concert which left fans wondering when the trio will get back together. 

The show featured a stunning display of smoke, fire, graphics, and of course, put Beyonce's fantastic voice on display. No, she did not lip sync this time around, unlike during President Obama's second inauguration. 

Here are a few fun gifs showing how dynamic the performance really was: 

Beyonce was dressed in all black, and was surrounded by female backup dancers and an all-female backing band. Queue the Beyonce feminism Tumblr. She showed off her dance moves and flexibility on stage, and delivered energy which certainly topped the boring first half of football. 

Of course, the football game picked up in the second half, and finally got interesting by the end of the third quarter, so you might say Beyonce brought the energy which made the Super Bowl worth watching.

Watch the video of her great performance here: