7 Funniest Memes From Super Bowl XLVII


The Superdome in New Orleans wasn't the only arena seeing tons of action (the Ravens, Beyoncé) and uncanny mishaps (the power outage) at Super Bowl XLVII. The internet and social media was ablaze with play by play commentary. Read on to see some of the most hilarious bits.

1. Beyoncé Bowl, Halftime MVP

This gif circulating the popular Tumblr blogging platform depicts Beyoncé and her fellow single ladies from the music video of the same title using the power of their dance moves. A good summary of the halftime show seen in the eyes of the masses, which featured a brief Destiny's Child reunion to boot.

2. Crackin' Gangnam Style


Korean rap star and viral sensation PSY does it once again, oddly enough. Emphasis on oddly. But there have been worse Super Bowl commercials. 

3. Super Smash Bowl Bros. 

Talk about sibling rivalry! 49ers and Raven coaches, Jim and John Harbaugh are brothers, making the victory on John's part more than bittersweet. Check out this related meme as well.

4. Gay porn for straight men?

This blogger wasn't afraid to go the extra mile in reading subtext and informing the rest of the world who happen to be much more invested in their version of football: soccer.

5. Let's Not Forget Politics...

Enough said. 

6. Oreo's Super Bowl Super Tweet

No lights? No problem, you can still cookie on and in a showcase of brilliant marketing, Oreo's went the whole nine yards. 

7. If it weren't for those meddling Illuminati!

What happens when you have:


And finally...this?

One very clever conspiracy theory back up by further proof

So, what were some of your Super Bowl meme favorites?