Immigration Reform 2013: Why Republicans Will Never Get Hispanic Vote


Why are Republicans so concerned with the Hispanic vote? They have never done well with Hispanics and won’t no matter what they support and pass on immigration reform.

Since the election, all I have been hearing is how the Republicans must "reach out" to Hispanics or face being the perpetual minority party.

Well, it does not matter what the Republicans do, because they will not get those votes.

Here is the Hispanic vote percentages in every presidential election since 1980:

--1980 Jimmy Carter: 56% Ronald Reagan: 35% +21

--1984 Walter Mondale: 61% Ronald Reagan: 37% +24

--1988 Michael Dukakis: 69% George H.W. Bush, 30% +39

--1992 Bill Clinton: 61% George H.W. Bush:25% +36

--1996 Bill Clinton: 72% Bob Dole, 21% +51

--2000 Al Gore: 62% George W. Bush: 35% +27

--2004 John Kerry:58%, George W. Bush: 40% +18

--2008 Barack Obama: 67%, John McCain:31% +36

--2012 Barack Obama: 71%, Mitt Romney: 27% +44

Even though Reagan passed an amnesty based immigration reform in 1986, when H.W Bush beat Dukakis in 1988, Hispanics gave the Republican candidate only 30% of their votes.

The best the Republicans have done in 32 years is to lose by 18% in 2004.

So what does this all mean? The Republicans shouldn't support immigration reform that includes amnesty because they are not going to get those votes anyway. Their only hope is to stop immigration reform that allows a path to citizenship for tens of millions of future Hispanic voters.

So Republicans, when Democrats say you have to pass immigration reform or risk losing all those Hispanic votes, just remember what Brer Rabbit said to Brer Fox.

Do you really think that Democrats are looking out for the future of the Republican party?