Evangelicals Have Became Our Saviors On Climate Change


In the Bible, it is stated God created heaven and Earth. The Bible goes on to say God created man and gave man dominion over the Earth and all living things. Christianity requires that man be a good steward over all God’s creations. This is why evangelicals can save the Earth.

If this is true, why are many Republicans opposed to legislation that addresses the issue of climate change? A majority of evangelicals are registered as members of the GOP. I believe there is no question as to their influence over the party. The answer is most people form their opinion on climate change based on political party affiliation rather than religious beliefs. While some Republicans have begun to accept the possibility of climate change and human contributions to the problem, the gap between the political parties on the issue is still significant.  

Let’s suppose evangelicals break this pattern and look to the tenants of their faith to shape their opinion on climate change. Protecting what God has given becomes the overriding force. With recent weather events having devastating impact over our lives, more people are accepting the possibility that climate change is real. If not accepting, at least reexamining their opinion. Not only does the responsibility of protecting nature come to bare, but given the impact of draught or storms in third-world countries, the responsibility of caring for the poor begins to weigh in. 

The fervor and emotion that evangelicals bring to the discussion turns to the need to protect God’s treasures. Some may have an internal conflict with accepting parts of the scientific explanation, but seeing God’s creations being destroyed, I expect, would have overriding importance. Over 300 evangelical leaders have already done this through the Evangelical Climate Initiative.

As good stewards over all God’s creations, evangelicals, being good Republicans, begin to pressure their lawmakers at all levels to join the crusade to protect nature and the poor. This causes a narrowing of the gap between Republicans and Democrats, leading to meaningful measures being implemented. Evangelicals help save the Earth.