'Entourage' Movie is Coming: 5 Things the Film Must Do to Succeed


In case you haven't heard, Warner Brothers just green-lighted an Entourage movie last month. Based on the popular HBO series, the film will be directed by show creator Doug Ellin, who also wrote the screenplay. No word yet on the release timeline or what it will cover, but it's probably safe to say the production will tie the many loose ends and pick up cliffhangers of the season 8 finale. 

Entourage experienced early success largely because of how amazingly fun it was. The last few seasons, however, took a sharp turn from the first six seasons. They introduced new heights of drama and moved from the endless fun everyone loved to a dark world of drug addiction, divorce, suicide, and failure. The last two seasons created life-changing situations and dilemmas for the main characters, and many of these remain up in the air. In order to do well on the big screen, Entourage must find a way to successfully straddle the line between ubiquitous fun and dramatic closure. Here are five specific ways they can do this. 

1. Turtle/Drama hi-jinks

In a show all about fun, nothing was more fun than watching Turtle and Drama. While Vince and E were off making deals, this duo redefined "misadventure," as shown in this infamous "furry" episode. An Entourage movie without a Turtle/Drama mishap is an ocean without water. 

2. Turtle Needs a Lady

In the final scene of the season 8 finale, we see that Ari and Mrs. Gold have reunited, Vince is on his way to marry Sophia, things are looking up for E and Sloan, and Drama is excited to get to Paris to find somebody to ... yeah. Turtle just shakes his head: no ladies. After heartbreak at the hands of Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Alex, Turtle needs a romantic conclusion. He's a lover. 

3. Nudity


It seems crass, but think of the target audience: young men. Whenever this screen came on, bros of the target demo high-fived. And this screen came up a lot. It just added to the carnival of fun.

4. Which Ari Gold wins?

Season 8 ended with a blissfully retired Ari reunited with his wife. In a short video after the credits, however, we see him being offered the CEO position at Time Warner. His face betrays how much he wants his job, and we can assume that he takes it for dramatic tension in the movie. Which Ari Gold will win out: the family man, or his internal ambition?

5. Top-notch Celebrity Cameos

Matt Damon and company made the season 6 finale, and celebrity cameos often made the show. Mark Wahlberg needs to dig deep into the contacts section of his iPhone to find some talent worthy of an Entourage movie. It's always more fun when the celebrities are willing to embarrass themselves, too.

I wish I could say that if they fail to do any of these things, I won't see the movie. But I'll probably see you at the midnight screening.