Trayvon Martin's Birthday: George Zimmerman Back to Court On Victim's 18th Birthday


Lawyers for George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering Florida teen Trayvon Martin on April 11, 2012, are back to court Tuesday the day martin would've turned 18 — reported USA Today

The lawyers will discuss attorney Mark O'Mara's request to delay the trial date and Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda's motion to keep it scheduled for June 10. O'Mara says that prosecutors have been slow to turn over evidence, while De la Rionda says that Zimmerman's lawyers may want to delay because they are running out of money.

Meanwhile, the Sanford, Florida, community — where Martin was from — will host a "Banding Together for Peace" program to "recognize the need for community healing and solidarity." The event will include the Sanford Police Department, the NAACP, local city officials, and Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon's family.

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