Grammys Performers 2013


There is an act for every Grammy category they will televise: country, folk, rock, pop, R&B, with one huge exception--no hip hop. 

This is weird considering how many nominations Jay-Z and Kanye West have (both tied for the most at 6), but is fine by me because the last award show rap performance during the VMAs with 2Chainz and Lil Wayne was kind of unbearable. There might be some rap if Justin Timberlake brings Jay-Z out to perform their new song “Suit & Tie”, which JT may very well do as Jay definitely will be there, as he’s up for 6 Grammys, and the song is a crowd pleaser.

(Ha! I just realized that: JT and Jay-Z. That’s funny.)

The Grammys have some interesting artist pairings in their performances this year: Ed Sheeran is singing with Elton John, and Bruno Mars and Rihanna will be playing with Sting. The biggest question marks of the broadcast will be whether these performers will manage to meld and harmonize, or clash and cause cringing. I have very good feelings about the Ed Sheeran/Elton John number; the Bruno Mars/Rihanna/Sting set—ehh not so much.

Here’s a complete list of the performers:


- Jack White

- Justin Timberlake

- The Black Keys

- Elton John and Ed Sheeran

- Frank Ocean

- Mumford & Sons

- Kelly Clarkson

- Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert

- The Lumineers

- Maroon 5 and Alicia Key

- Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Sting

- fun.

- Rihanna (solo)

- Taylor Swift

- Carrie Underwood

- Justin Beiber


I'll writing a bit about some of the other performances I'm looking forward to later in the week. Check back for them.