Gus Johnson Will Announce World Cup Soccer: We Hope He Can Live Up to These 4 Great Clips


Sportswriter Bill Simmons' "Law of Gus" states that if Gus Johnson is announcing a game, the odds of that game being exceedingly exciting and "Gus' voice hitting an octave only dogs can hear" are extremely high. This Law of Gus has coincided with numerous fantastic finishes in the NFL and NCAA basketball. With YouTube compilations saluting his work and soundboards dedicated to his game calling (please click this link), Johnson is a highly sought after sports voice.

Gus Johnson has made a name for himself in basketball and football. Fox Sports is hoping that soccer is next.

On Tuesday, the network announced that they are grooming Johnson to become the voice of World Cup soccer. With that announcement in mind, an excuse to watch Gus Johnson clips is here. Here's his four best calls (why only four? Because Gus Johnson never announced the NCAA Final Four, even though everyone knows he should have):

4. "Gonzaga, the slipper still fits!!"

Gonzaga beating Florida in the 1999 Sweet Sixteen was the introduction of Gonzaga basketball, but it was also the introduction to the world of Gus Johnson. Excitement was coming.

3. "Ball Game! 60 Yards!!" 

My favorite work from Johnson has almost always come from the basketball court. But I can acknowledge great work on the gridiron as well. Was there ever a doubt that a hail mary game would be announced by someone other than Johnson?

2. "[screaming]"

The scream after Ron Lewis hits that shot is in no way part of the English langauage. That's what makes it so wonderful.

1. "The caaatch!"

It is worth watching the entirety of this 6-minute clip. It is full of Johnson classics. It is him at his finest, so clearly enjoying his job and having the time of his life comentating a basketball game.

Gus Johnson left CBS for Fox Sports in 2011. With CBS owning the rights to the NCAA basketball tournament, Johnson's flair for the dramatic is no longer attached to basketball. As he ventures into soccer, one can only imagine his version of "GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!" and hope that he will enjoy it as much as he enjoys announcing basketball and football.