Fashion Week NYC 2013: 5 Emerging Designers


The Fader has compiled this useful list of emerging designers featured at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2013: 

1. Eckhaus LattaMike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, two art school kids, started the line known for its "gender-bending look, kooky fabrications and avant-garde approach to fashion." Their shows could include "mohair crop tops, amorphously shaped wrap skirts and billowy shawls," in addition to sets that include treadmills and air mattresses. 

2. HighlandLizzie Owens "shows a keen sense of what guys really want to wear" —utilitarian outerwear, not-so-precious knits and laid-back separates. Since its debut in 2010, Highland has "remained close to the ethos with a consistently fresh take on menswear that is unfussy yet tailored for ease." 

3. Luar ZepolRaul Lopez and Luar Zepol run "this mix of old-school tailoring and concrete-jungle influences" that we can easily see on a post-apocalyptic film as well as on the J train late at night. 

4. DegenLindsay Degen creates clothes that "would make most grandmothers blush, like bra-tops with faux nipples and knit bloomers with simulated butt-cracks and pubes." For DEGEN’s spring 2013 presentation, models clad in strap-on platform Converse kicks, wore pepperoni pizza-inspired knit separates and, on the more conservative side, striped maxi dresses and floral leggings. 

5. Mark McNairyMcNairy makes clothes for "preppy dudes gone wacky." He is infamous for "crisp oxfords with cuss words embroidered on them, woodland camouflage jackets studded with smiley faces and a consistently smart collection of chukkas and dessert boots."