Winter Storm Nemo Tracker Live: 3 Ways Nemo Could Hit


Here’s what the three predominant computer weather models indicate about what to expect this weekend when Nemo makes good on its threat to snow all over the Northeast:

American (GFS) computer models are predicting several inches of snow across the Northeast, including two inches in New York City and under an inch for the majority of New Jersey. Depending on the temperature, much of it might be rain. It is expected to begin snowing Thursday night through Friday morning, but the brunt of the storm won’t hit wayward New Yorkers until late on Friday evening.

The European model, generally considered to be the most accurate, ups the ante considerably. According to the EuropeanCenter for Medium range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF), New York could get as many as 15 inches of sustained snowfall by Saturday evening. That’s a lot of snow!

The third model, our wild card entrant, is the Rapid Precision Mesoscale. This bad boy predicts that Winter Storm Nemo will drop a staggering thirty inches of snow in New York City, an act of God which will probably end with the destruction of all civilization and several days of severe service disruption, including widespread power outages.

Don’t panic, there’s nothing you can do. Weather is just god’s way of telling us whether or not we did something wrong.