Snowmageddon In Boston? A Timeline Of What To Expect From Nemo


The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch for much of Eastern Mass. from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon. It appears travel will be virtually impossible out of Boston throughout those two days. 

Nemo is moving towards the Northeast and is expected to drop snow on the region starting Thursday night. By Friday morning, Boston will most likely see the beginnings of snowfall from the storm. Here's the forecast for Friday and Saturday in the New England region: 

FRIDAY: Snow and high winds expected. Snow will accumulate throughout the day as high winds are anticipated to accompany. By Friday night, snowfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour are possible. Meanwhile, rain that is supposed to follow the southeast New England coast may turn to heavy snowfall overnight. 

SATURDAY: The snow isn't going to slow down yet. The wind-driven snowfall is going to continue to pound Boston throughout the day. By Saturday night, the snow should dissipate, but the winds will continue to blow.

By Sunday, Bostonians should be able to head outside and take stock of Nemo's damage. Will it be another snowmageddon like 2010? Might as well stay inside to wait and see.