The Weather Channel Named The Winter Storm Nemo, What Other Disney Characters Deserve Storms?


The Weather Channel names winter storms to increase awareness and enhance communication when a big one hits. They named the storm currently charging towards the Northeast "Nemo," after A Greek boy’s name meaning "from the valley." Nemo also means "nobody" in Latin.

When Nemo comes to mind, however, many minds wander to the lost fish and namesake of Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo. It's not a bad name for a storm, Nemo was an adventurous young fish who never gave up, but the name fails to give the storm any bite or sense of urgency. Here's three Disney names that could work in the future:

1. Shere Khan -- The Jungle Book 

This is a scary storm name. Tiger that terrorizes Mowgli just like a storm will terrorize a city.

2. Jafar -- Aladdin 

Another Disney villain, another intimidating name for a storm. When I think of snow taking over a region, I imagine a pretty intimidating scene. Jafar fits that theme.

3. Mufasa -- The Lion King 

Storms don't have to be villains. They can be larger than life and awe-inspiring. That's what Mufasa was. Plus, just like Mufasa, storms do die off (to soon?).

As Nemo heads towards the Northeast, the other Disney characters will wait in its wake, hoping that Winter Storm Shere Khan one day comes to be bear.