5 Kinds Of People You Don’t Want to Be On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just a week away, and millions across America have begun preparations for one of the country’s most vigorously commercialized holidays. However, you can still buy into the media hype of Valentine’s Day without being a nuisance to everyone around you: just don’t be one of these 5 types of people:

1. A PDA girlfriend/boyfriend spamming everyone’s Facebook newsfeed

Instead of spending your time telling everyone how much you love that person through countless Instagram photos and florid wall posts, why not spend the day actually showing that person that you care? That’s who actually needs to hear your declarations of love, not your 1,000+ Facebook friends. If you really feel like you need to shout out your love from a mountaintop, just post one cute photo of you two with a sweet caption. One.

2. The person posting statuses about how all men/all women are evil, just because you are single on Valentine’s Day

I don't really feel the need to explain why this is beyond annoying.

3. The person who sends gifts to themselves in order to make others think they have Valentine’s

For those of you who don’t watch the fantastically witty and depressingly underrated show Community, in season one, characters Pierce and Troy (played by Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino a.k.a my future husband) send themselves presents for Valentine’s Day in order to have people think that they have Valentines. However, their professor Senor Chang (played by Ken Jeong) realizes this and humiliates them in front of the class, leading to a series of events ending with them being forced to be Chang’s dates for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

This being said, just don’t do it, unless you want to go to a Valentine’s Day dance with your weird, sadistic Spanish teacher.

4. The girlfriend/boyfriend who brags about how he’s better than your boyfriend/girlfriend

 “My girlfriend surprised me and made me eggs for breakfast, did YOU make YOUR boyfriend eggs for breakfast?” “I got my girlfriend this generic expensive gift for Valentine’s Day, did YOUR boyfriend get you anything expensive?” “I’m making my girlfriend a cake for Valentine’s Day, is YOUR boyfriend making you a cake for Valentine’s Day?”

Don’t do this. From my personal experience, this is absolutely annoying. Valentine’s Day is about focusing on YOUR love for others, not about comparing it with everyone else’s. Doing this doesn’t make me (or anyone else) feel any less secure in my relationship. It just makes you look like a douche.

5. The person constantly saying that they’re going to grow up old with a million cats because they don’t have a Valentine this year

Because of the way the media commercializes and sensationalizes the idea of Valentine’s Day, it's natural to feel lonely if you’re single, but one day of the year isn’t going to determine the future of your love life. As Anna Karenina says, “if there are as many minds as there are men, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.”

Spend Valentine’s Day with your family, your friends, and all of the other people who love you, instead of dramatically declaring you will never find anyone. Tomorrow will come.