Nemo Tracker: MTA Travel Advisories Could Come Soon


As Winter Storm Nemo bears down on NYC, the MTA has not issued any travel advisories for commuters for Friday or Saturday yet, meaning subway and bus service is currently expected to run normally - or as normally as 2 feet of snow, anyhow.

Here's what to expect, however, if Nemo drops more than 5 inches of snow or the temperature drops below 10°F:

- Service on the B line may end early.

- Express service may run local on the A, E, D, F, N, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 lines. (For those of you who aren't New Yorkers, that's pretty much every line - but why are you reading this if you're not from New York?)

- Service on the 7 line may be affected, with Flushing-bound trains running on the Times Square/42nd St.-bound track at the 5th Ave and Grand Central-42nd St. stations.

- Cancellation of all trains and the death of everyone. Kidding! Maybe.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates.