Winter Storm Nemo: 15 Funny Tweets About the Storm That Just Blew Your Weekend


As impending winter storm Nemo approaches and strikes the East Coast, social media sites — mostly Twitter — are abuzz with commentary. 

Naming winter storms is a new phenomenon, which the Weather Channel started doing this season. The channel thought names for winter storms would catch the public’s attention much like the captivation over hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. As you can see from the tweets below, not everyone was amused by this strategy. 







The fact that this storm supposedly answers to the name "Nemo" has caused even more stir than usual given that we associate the name Nemo with the Disney-Pixar clownfish with the gimpy fin. Many in the Twittersphere have spoofed quotes from the movie, or declared their plans to watch Finding Nemo in spirit of the storm while they are stuck inside:





Others have also spent their time while snowed in making GIFs of the impending Nemo. Buzzfeed also created its own pictoral representation of how to make it through the storm, Finding Nemo style. 




Some tweeps, however, had food on their mind when confronted with the blizzard. 




Whatever our social media reaction, we're all bracing for this Nor'easter that's sure to be more aggressive than our lovable clownfish friend.

Despite Punxatawney Phil's prediction of an early spring, it looks like we have a few more days of winter at least. Stay warm and hope for days off from school!