Winter Storm Nemo Tracker LIVE Updates: State-by-State Updates On Totals and Emergency Response


Winter Storm Nemo is disrupting infrastructure, travel, and economic activity throughout the Northeast as states and cities struggle to restore normal service to the worst-affected areas.

Snowfall of up to 38 inches - yes, 38 inches, or in laymen's terms, "a lot of snow" - has been reported, peaking in Milford, Connecticut, where presumably school would be canceled if it was Monday.

Here's how states and cities are tackling Nemo:

- New York State: Gov. Cuomo has sent resources to Massachusetts and Connecticut, which were worse-hit. The Long Island Expressway is closed to remove 100 stranded vehicles. 10,000 people are without power, with 2 deaths and an ongoing State of Emergency.

- New York City: An "enormous amount" of resources are out on the streets, according to Mayor Bloomberg. 15" of snowfall in the Bronx, 10" uptown Manhattan (I can confirm this), approximately 11.4" in Central Park. Primary roads are plowed but citizens have been politely asked not to drive.

- Massachusetts: Seawall failure at Scituate. Heavy high tide flooding reported in Sandwich, with further flooding expected in AM to early PM. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth shut down after losing power, but no threat to the public other than 410,000 without power. Winds of 30 to 50 m.p.h. are forecast near Cape Cod Saturday evening. State of Emergency continues and all driving has been banned in the state until further notice.

-Boston: Logan Airport will re-open soon despite 21.8" of snow. Acela Express train to NYC canceled for Saturday.

-Connecticut: Huge snowfall: 38" in Milford; 36" in Oxford; 34" in New Haven. All roads are closed. 38,000 without power. 1 pedestrian killed in Prospect. State of Emergency continues, Bradley International Airport is shut down, and all CT TRANSIT busses are suspended.

- Rhode Island: Providence received 19.5" of snowfall and 172,000 customers are without power. Travel ban posted. State of Emergency remains in effect.

- New Hampshire: Gov. Hassan has issued a State of Emergency and encouraged citizens to stay off the roads.

- Maine: Portland sets new record for snowfall - 29.3". 33" in Gorham. 9,000 customers without power, and blizzard conditions continue throughout Saturday. A 19-car pileup in I-295 was blamed on the snowfall. The most snow is scheduled to fall between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, so check back for updated (and possibly higher) snowfall totals.

- New Jersey: NJ TRANSIT resumes normally Saturday morning. 3000 without power. No breakout chance for Christie to pose with the president this time!

- Vermont: High wind gusts necessitated the closure of the ferry between Charlotte and Essex, N.Y. 16" of snow in Springfield. 2 people were hospitalized after a crash on I-89.