Winter Storm Nemo: How Bad Was It In New York City?


The above video shows ridiculous snowfall and high-velocity wind (accompanied by equally frantic narration) in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Yesterday, with Nemo barrelling straight towards New York City, it might be reasonable to fear for damage, power outages, etc.

Well, at least some of those concerns might seem overblown for most New Yorkers, as barely any snow hit us at all.

I live in north Central Harlem around 140th Street, and was able to snap a few photos of the not-so-catastrophic damage:

This car buried in snow was, other than a tractor trailer similarly buried (but since towed), the only real reminder of the much-predicted Snowpocalypse.

Pedestrians and traffic alike have little to fear, with sidewalks cleared and virtually every business that would normally be open at noon on a Saturday... well, open.

This section of West 141st St. was one of several streets that remained unplowed, but still clearly traversible by a slow-moving vehicle.

Uptown Manhattan is a lower priority than the rest of the island for cleanup crews - Midtown was probably swept clean of snow before PolicyMic staff even woke up this morning, and only minor subway delays that might be unrelated to the storm are reported. So Upper Manhattan came in at around 10" of total snowfall, but an aggressive response prevented anything from really being disrupted.

The boroughs may be worse off- especially the Bronx, where 15" of snow fell. Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens might be seeing more businesses shut down, dangerous or unplowed roads - but probably not power outages, internet outages, or the like.

38" of snow have been reported in Connecticut- that's a mind-shattering record. I can't even imagine that much snow. But here in New York City, life continues pretty much as usual.