Airport Delays: Nemo Causes Mass Cancellations, Airport Closures, Delays As Far Away As Instanbul (Yes, Really)


While on-the-ground damage and snowfall is varying widely (up to 38" in Connecticut, but less than a foot in NYC), Winter Storm Nemo is wreaking some serious havoc in-the-air: as of this morning, nearly 5,000 flights were cancelled. Now, major Northeast airports are experiencing serious trouble grounding inbound flights or letting new planes take off.

Here's the latest news from FlightAware:

Bradley International Airport is experiencing mass cancellations and closure until 4:00 p.m. Saturday.

Boston's Logan International Airport is closed until 11 p.m. on Saturday and mass cancelations of all traffic - jeez. That's a lot of flights.

Newark's Liberty International Airport: mass cancellations.

LaGuardia International Airport: mass cancellations.

John F. Kennedy International Airport: mass cancellations.

Pretty much every other major Northeastern airport is experiencing delays - and the major holdup in air traffic is affecting international travel. Zurich, Instanbul Ataturk International Airport, and Sao Paolo are all experiencing delays of roughly half an hour thanks to the ripple effect of mass cancellations throughout world airspace.