Which Pint-Sized Basketball Player Melts Your Heart More?


Every kid playing an imaginary game of hoops at their local gym, their driveway, or on their indoor Nerf hoop dreams of basketball immortality. Some aspire to dominate in front of millions, others hope for YouTube fame

This week, two youngsters made a run at celebrity of the YouTube variety as cameras caught their superb skills on full display. Two-year-old Titus tantalized with his trick shots, while first grader Blake Harper shot a free throw of epic proportions: if he made it, school was cancelled the Monday after the Super Bowl; if he missed, everyone would blame him for yet another slow Monday. While both videos captivated viewers, which was best? Let's take a look at each and then crown a winner.

Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot Video — Titus' Trick Shots

There is so much to say about Titus and his trick shots. The kid has talent for days. Some kids read three grades above their age group. Titus balls like a high schooler, and he is only two-years-old. The initial shots he's making are already impressive, but 34 seconds in is when things get wild. Titus is unreal making that blind shot with the bounce off the wall. We also may want to put him into some advanced geometry classes ASAP, because the little guy understands his angles and how to use them. He probably called bank too.

His family is on board as well. You have have to respect the older brother - he is Titus's hype man, kind of like the hype girl for Sophia Grace Brownlee belting out some Nicki Minaj. He doesn't care that his little bro is stealing the show, he is just happy to be a part of something so special. 

Then then Gauntlet. If anyone thought that a family of flailing arms and flyng balls would irritate Titus, they're crazy. Titus steps up like Jordan about to shoot a free throw to ice the game, and sinks it. He even puts his arms up like Jordan would too. 

Only complaint, what did Titus buy with the million tickets he won at Chuck-E-Cheese's? I'm hoping a Thomas the Tank Engine toy train to match his jammies.

Superbowl Free Throw — Blaker Harper Mater Dei

The set-up: if first-grader Blake Harper of Mater Dei School makes a free throw, the entire school gets the Monday after the Superbowl off. No school ... A lot of pressure for an elementary school kid. Add in that the entire school is watching, and the tension is palpable.

So Blake Harper steps to the line, grabs the ball, lines up, and shoots. Buckets. Kid sinks the shot. All of the student body descends on him in what is most likely going to be the greatest dog-pile Blake will ever be a part of. The kid is a hero. Best part may be the tall blond kid walking around starting at 13 seconds like Bill Walton

Titus Vs. Blake: Who Wins?

There are a few things to take into account in the Titus/Blake showdown. If you go by skill level, Tyson is winning in a landslide. That's nothing against Blake; he is still a great shooter for a first-grader.

Consider the pressure, though. Titus likely had a few takes when his family put together this video, while Blake was one and done. The guy had ice-water running through his veins.

Both of these kids are going to be heroes for a long time because of this. Blake because he'll always be the kid who got everyone a fake snow day, and Titus because of the pure amazement of it all. Deciding a winner is tough.

Here's the bottom line. My heart of hearts believes that if Titus were shooting for the day off of school, the little guy would have grabbed the ball, walked back to half court, thrown a hook shot at the hoop, and sunk it nothing but net.

Titus wins.