Chris Dorner: Killer Could Target Grammys for Surprise Attack


One passage in the manifesto of Chris Dorner, the ex-cop who killed three people, has left the LAPD with reason to believe that he could be targeting Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

In the stirring manifesto, Dorner writes, "I will mitigate all risks, threats and hazards. I assure you that Incident Command Posts will be target rich environments." A "command post" is going to be in full force at the music award ceremony.

A "command post" is a small, major police post set up for a special event like the Grammy Awards. Because the police have been chasing Dorner, there is some worry that they will be spread a little thin Sunday night. The LAPD will be covering the Grammys and the Dorner manhunt while stile policing Los Angeles. 

CBS senior correspondent John Miller, a former LAPD bureau chief, said, "I've spoken with people there and their problems are very interesting. One problem is, can they get enough cops to police the Grammys, when they have had everyone out deployed on this? People are being called in on days off, overtime and such. But they believe he's [Dorner] shifted from being the hunter to being the hunted."