LL Cool J Hosts the 2013 Grammys


LL Cool J hasn’t made an album since 2008, and hasn’t been musically relevant since 1993. His hosting the Grammys is an obvious ploy for promoting a new album he’ll be coming out with later this year. The album will be called Authentic, which is ironic because he may be one of the least authentic rappers in the game. This is mostly because he’s had more good seasons on NCIS than good rap albums in the bag, and because his ballads are his most well-known songs.

He probably won’t be all that bad of a host because he’s such an amazing actor. But I just know he’s going to be wearing that stupid hat—that little sporty beret—and that’s going to be annoying.

Apparently, he’s also going to be doing a little performance with Tom Morello, the DJ from Public Enemy, and Travis Barker during the show. He’s clearly still on that never-ending pursuit of trying to harden up his image. This is the way LL Cool J works. He releases a ballad, makes a mil, and then releases a mixtape and does a whole bunch of collabs with Method Man and Red Man, before going back to ballads.

I’m being to hard on LL though. He’ll do fine. He’ll keep it real. He’ll keep the jokes and cheese to a minimum, which will be good