Grammy Red Carpet Live


The Grammy Red Carpet show has lost a lot of its intrigue with the advent of the new dress code. Even the pundits are frustrated by it. Kelly Osborne and the big gay guy (Chris?) had to catch themselves from wishing that Carrie Underwood would show more skin this year. Didn’t happen.

J. Lo just stepped up with a bare leg and got mocked by Ryan Seacrest. Miguel’s girlfriend just got the same treatment. Those jokes will continue, and be lame the whole time. The memo. I guess it’s just something to quip about.

It’s so funny to see which musicians the interviewers vibe with and which musicians make them freeze up. Ryan Seacrest and Talor Swift acted like little BFFs. Giuliana could not talk to Nas. He started talking about his cuban links and repping his city, and she froze up and dismissed him with a handshake.