Red Carpet LIVE


Dave Grohl looks like his old self, a cave dweller who just rolled out of a cave bed. 

Miguel is a tiny person, a tiny, Grammy-award winning person with a lopsided plateau haircut.

Big Sean is also tiny. Why is everyone so tiny? He sounds like a character from The Wood.

UPDATE: Zero CBS number-one show commercials on the live stream so far.

J-Lo is rocking a fierce bun. And one very incredible leg. 

John Legend is also tiny! Or maybe the interviewers are very tall?

UPDATE: The brunette from Two Broke Girls just showed up. Why? Probably because she is in CBS' number-one comedy show, right?

Questlove, the artist formerly known as ?uestlove, is tall and has officially gone mainstream.

Black Thought is wearing aluminum foil.

Rihanna has arrived. I'm officially paying attention now.

Skrillex mentioned diarrhea.