Grammys Red Carpet LIVE: Dress Code



Let's be honest, the Grammy Awards are not known for having the classiest dress choices. But, this year, the Academy has done their darnedest to ensure that the Red Carpet is demure and respectful.

That means that boobs, butts and bellies - the 3 B's - will no be making headlines for the 55th Annual Grammys.

Or that was the hope at least.

As the Red Carpet starts to roll towards the close and most dresses have been seen by the slew of cameras and reporters, it is pretty easy to say that some celebrities set fire to the new Grammys dress code.

Rhianna's see-through red dress showed us a lot of Rhianna. Not that we all aren't dying to see it because, let's be honest, Rhianna is a goddess. But definitely not following along the dress code. Nonetheless, she looks absolutely stunning with mermaid waves and a flowing red dress with revealing criss-cross back. Dress code or not, I was into it.

Jennifer Lopez was toeing the link with her simple yet seductive one-shoulder black dress. While the neckline seems to be demure, the floor-to-womb slit and her showcased legs/thighs beg to differ. She's pulling an Angelina Jolie from the 2012 Oscars.

Katy Perry is one of my favorite women in the biz because she's curvaceous and down-to-earth. But, I am going to have to hate on her for an obnoxious key-hole dress that not only forced her bosom through a large cut out, but also framed them in over-the-top jewel details! Her chest was distracting us from her gorgeous face - a real shame!

 Kelly Rowland is probably the worst of the bunch. I hate to pick on one-third of Destiny's Child, but her black dress with a sheer chevron design left little to the imagination. Small, black triangles covered small portions that would have been unacceptable to show on national television. It was as if she didn't read the dress code! Luckily for her, us 90s kids forgive her because she's a survivor and her body's too bootylicious for us all.

Seems like the meek attempt to keep the dress choices classy was usurped by a few rebels. Let's see if their bold choices made the fashion critics cringe or cry from happiness with tomorrow morning's recaps.