"Some Nights" Grammy: The Pop Rock Anthem Millennials Have Been Waiting For


While "Some Nights" wasn't awarded the Grammy for Song of the Year (unlike "We Are Young," also by fun.), I'd argue that "Some Nights" is the anthem for millenial life. Here's why.

11. It's a Song About Identity

One of the most repetitive lines in the song is "What do I stand for?" In a time in which technology connects us all to one another and to things we would not otherwise be connected to, asking ourselves what we stand for what we believe in might become more of a complicated question.

Fifty years ago, young people would be more likely to believe whatever everyone around them believes. But with the internet connecting us to people and stories containing different life styles and beliefs, millennials have a lot more choices than previous generations.

"Wondering just who I am, who I am, who I am

2. It's a Song About Changing Times

As millennials, we live in a time people will read about many years from now and try to imagine what it was like. We've seen the first black president of the U.S. elected and progress made for marriage equality and gender equality, among other things. Not only does "Some Nights" speak to changing times, but it also seems to peg young people as the facillitators of that change.

"This is it, [boys], this is war, what are we waiting for?

3. "Some Nights" Is About Resilience

Being resilient isn't something that's unique to our generation. However, with the way things are going financially in America and the dismally slow growth in the economy, millennials have it a bit tougher as far as finding/keeping jobs, starting careers, attaining higher education, etc. Also, while the advances in social technology in our time have been great, they have also been cited as causes for stress and depression. In short, resilience is something millennials definitely need:

"Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle

"Some nights I'm scared you'll forget me again

See the resilience? Still he wakes up.

Also, "Some Nights" just sounds good. The melody makes you want to smile, laugh, dance, or do all three.