Grammy Predictions 2013: fun. Will Win Big


So most of the “minor awards”, (such as Best Rock Album, Best Rap Album, Best insert genre here Record, basically every award except the Big 4) have already been confirmed and given out, which is weird because the Grammys are only 50 minutes into their broadcast.

The big winners went by a lot of my predictions including Skrillex, who swept the dance categories; The Black Keys, who won all they were up for thus far; Gotye, who won for Best Pop Duo and for Best Alternative Album. Jay-Z has gotten two thus far. Drake won for Best Rap Album (which is an insult to the genre!) beating out two of the best to ever do it that offered masterpiece albums this year: Nas and The Roots.

 For the Big 4, I predict:

-       Record of the Year is going to fun. “We Are Young”

-       Song of the Year is a toss up. Either "We Are Young" or “Stronger”. Doesn’t matter either way. It’s all just me trying to crawl inside the demented mind of the pop machine. They’re about to announce it. Gonna post my prediction. We’ll see if I’m right in a minute.

-       Best New Artist is Frank Ocean, for sure

-       Album of the Year is going to Frank Ocean channel: Orange