Justin Timberlake Performs Live at the Grammy Awards


Justin Timberlake makes his comeback debut at the Grammy Awards! Is there a better stage for our generation's King of Pop?

The years have done our favorite teeny bopper well. Every time he comes back he hits us with an even more mature sound. Not to mention, his dapper attire goes perfectly with the sentiment of the song he is performing, "Suit and Tie."

The cherry on the top was Jay-Z's cameo on stage, especially after his ride-or-die wife, Bey, was the presenter for the performance. Did anyone catch her face as he walked on stage from the audience? Reminiscent of the VMA's when Beyonce performed "Love on Top" with Hova in the front row and announcing her pregnancy publically. Is there any other celebrity couple as supportive and in love as this one? I can't think of one.

Justin Timberlake's vocals are smooth with a vintage swoon, much like the set of his performance. He's a renaissance man and we are sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to see where he can take us with his voice, baby blue eyes, and sultry dance moves.

Take us on the ride, JT.