Grammys Urban Contemporary Category is the Newest and Stupidest Category


The Grammys category of "urban contemporary" is one of three news ones for the 55th Grammy Awards. (The others are for latin jazz and classical compendium.)

According to the category description, it is intended to include "albums containing at least 51 percent playing time of newly recorded contemporary vocal tracks derivative of R&B. This category is intended for artists whose music includes the more contemporary elements of R&B and may incorporate production elements found in urban pop, urban Euro-pop, urban rock, and urban alternative."

Is that the stupidest category ever? Maybe, maybe not, but what's funny is what happens when you let a lawyer write the category description. If that's not the most watered-down way to describe the likes of Frank Ocean and Chris Brown, two artists who were nominated under the category at the 2013 Grammys, I don't know what is.

By the way, the winner of the urban contemporary category? Franky Ocean!