Four Categories Left, My Predictions on Who Is Going to Win


Three of the biggest, and one categories I could care less about are still to go.  For my predictions, here goes nothing:

Best Country Album - I kind of like this Zac Brown, so I'll go with Uncaged but I wouldn't be surprised if Miranda Lambert won.

Best New Artist - It could be fun. but that wouldn't be very fun now would it.  Frank Ocean released the best album of the year, but I am going with the Alabama Shakes.  Their rise at CMJ was amazing, and you can read about their rapid ascent from the Arts Beat from the New York Times here.  They are the best live band in this category, and thus, should win.

Album of the Year - This gets really tough for me.  As long as fun. doesn't win, I'll be happy, as each of the other four could win easily and each of them have reasons why they should.  I am one of the bigger White Stripes fans, but Blunderbuss wasn't quite as good as I would have hoped it was.  Babel sounds just like Sigh No More, and they lose points for originality.  El Camino may be The Black Keys second weakest album, but that is not a slight on this album, but rather, a testament to their full body of work. That leaves Channel Orange as my pick in this category, and that would prove that the Grammy voters don't entirely have their heads in the clouds.

Record of the Year - I'm guessing Gotye will win this one.  This is just a hunch, as "Lonely Boy" could and should win, as well as Frank Ocean; however, "Somebody That I Used to Know" was all over the radio this summer, and is actually a phenomenal song.

I'll probably go 0 for 4 here, but those are my two cents.