LIVE YouTube: Frank Ocean's Performance Falls Flat and He Loses Album of The Year to Mumford & Sons


The last performance of the night, after all the kidlets are in bed, and our ears are tired in need of sweet refreshment, we have Frank Ocean.

After all the pizazz and hoopla his performance that saturated every other minute of the night, Frank’s performance fell a little flat for me. I was a big fan of the stage design, with the running graphic going on at his legs while he stood at the piano. Frank stripped down his song “Forest Gump” to only its piano chords and guitar swoowoops. It all was relying on his voice and when he missed those few notes that he did the whole thing fell apart.

Arranging your song like that and ending with a whistle solo at the Grammys takes some balls. It’s impressive, in a way, but it’s not going to make a whole lot of new listeners go run out and buy your album, Frank Ocean. And that’s why your album loses to Mumford & Sons.

Mumford & Sons are not the winner I expected at all. But I will say they're a better choice than fun.

That's it. Last award of the night. Here's a Mumford & Sons gif for you:

Good night.