Grammys 2013 LIVE bitchiness not LIVE red carpet


Well first things first Kelly Osborne has carved herself a pretty perfect place in that whole fashion corespondent/entertainment news world, and I think it's great. She transitioned from moody, bloated, do-nothing to classy, innovative, taste maker--effortlessly. So take notes y'all, that's how you pull yourself up by your boot straps. Also, her hair is bitchin' and her look for the red carpet was perfect.

Also, the best thing to ever happen to a pre-show is the "mani cam." Thank you for whoever thought knew that was a fantastic idea, and nail art is just an awesome, happy, perfect, no negative thing.

In other news, Taylor's dress was cool and all, but she also kind of looked like Xena Warrior Princess, and she was trying WAY too hard with her eyes. Also, Beyonce looked fab, but she was also straight up in her pajamas, cause she's wayyyy too cool to show up looking like she tried (and I mean that earnestly). Oh, and Katy Perry looks amazing, as always, shut up, she's perfect. But come on girl, all of those knickknacks you glued to your collar are obvi glam-amaze-yay (that's a thing I just made up), but put your boobies away!