In other news: more not LIVE Grammy side eye from moi


Someone stop Taylor Swift from feeling so damn special. I support her and all. Do your thing, honey. But girl, if you're gonna parade around like that, GET ON PITCH. 

Did anyone notice that Rihanna said "damn" when she lost? Girl is wildin' out.

Um, who's privates is Ed Sheernan playing with that he got to preform with Elton John singing his own single? 

Miranda Lambert is Healthy and Hot, full stop. 

Miguel is Prince. 

Is that Lena Dunham? UGH.

fun. is just the format, reformatted, y'all. 

Is Justin Timberlake in sepia, or am I seeing sepia? Can sangria make you see sepia?

Also, choosing "The Tennessee Kids" as your 50's spoof back up band is bold, JT. And, as much as I love you, your new single is not spectacular. 

Is Jay-Z Jesus?

What in the world is the "Urban Contemporary" category? Is R&b not PC anymore?