YouTube Frank Ocean Grammys Performance 2013: Watch Forrest Gump Live


Frank Ocean was poised for an incredible night at the 2013 Grammy Awards, but unfortunately it didn't turn out quite as well as everyone hoped. His album Channel Orange was a massive critical success and there was a lot of expectation that Ocean would be honored accordingly with Best New Artist, or perhaps Record of the Year. Ocean lost out in both of those categories but he did take home the trophy for Best Urban Contemporary Album beating out (his nemesis) Chris Brown and Miguel. 

All that aside, Ocean took the stage at the Grammys and performed his song "Forrest Gump." I'll give him credit, the visuals were pretty memorable. The vocals were memorable too, just not for the reasons you'd hope them to be. 

The song itself was an odd choice, especially for an artist with so many more hits under his belt. A little slow, a little pitchy, and certainly not a crowd pleaser.

Check out the performance of "Forrest Gump" from last night's show: 

Ocean's undeniable break out success song is "Thinkin About You" which would have been a safer, but perhaps more boring choice for the Sunday night awards. 

Check out "Thinkin About You" for a little bit of Ocean at his best.