Watch Miguel and Wiz Khalifa Grammy Performance 2013 Video


He might not have had the biggest trophy count at the 2013 Grammy Awards (though he did win for Best R&B Song for "Adorn") but Miguel certainly won big at last night's show. Thanks to an incredible performance of "Adorn" alongside Wiz Khalifa, Miguel turned himself from a niche icon to a mainstream hit. And everyone in the room took note of the glory. In her acceptance speech even Kelly Clarkson called the performance "the sexiest damn thing" she's ever seen, saying she didn't know who Miguel was but they had to work together. If that doesn't get people's attention then I don't know what will. What made the performance even more of a hit was that its glory was so completely unexepected.

Miguel had made Wiz Khalifa a believer in his song back in September when Wiz dropped a remix of "Adorn." The unofficial musical pair became quite suddenly official with their awards show collaboration, near matching ensembles, and showstopping rendition. Step aside Fun., Miguel is officially the it-boy of the moment. 

Check out the video of Wiz Khalifa and Miguel performing "Adorn" here: 

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