13 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up the 2013 Grammy Awards


The year's biggest night in music has come and gone. The winners have been announced, the trophies handed out, and at this point everyone is just sleeping it off. But that doesn't mean the memories aren't still fresh. 

Will we ever forget when Taylor Swift confused America with her troupe of tiny-hat wearing clown friends? 

Or when Justin Timberlake did this move and proved to the whole wide world that he's still got it. 

There was also this moment when Elton John totally made Ed Sheeran's night ... which was actually really beautiful. 

Then Frank Ocean won a Grammy ... 

And everyone stood up except for Chris Brown. 

Also, in case you missed it, Taylor Swift was having the best time of her whole life. 

No but really, like her whole entire life.

Also, never forget these two moments that will live in human history for their incomparable perfection. 

Then there was that time that Prince came on stage and shamed everyone by showing just how much he doesn't give shit. 

Then Carrie Underwood came out and proved the exact opposite.

Also, Frank Ocean's legs looked crazy. 

But in the end, we all had fun. Even Jay.