Winter Storm Orko: LIVE Updates


Winter Storm Orko has arrived to the Upper Midwest "with a combination of heavy snow and high winds" that have closed parts of three interstates.

According to The Weather Channel, he storm welcomed North Easterners to an "icy morning commute," while thunderstorms "continue to bring a threat of severe weather" to parts of the Gulf Coast region. 

Orko has already deposited 12-18 inches of snow across the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota and Nebraska (combined with wind gusts over 30 miles per hour). 

In the Northeast, Orko will produce a "light wintry mix," mainly in the morning, though parts of northern Maine and northern New Hampshire may see snow into the afternoon hours.

However, The Weather Channel has reported that Orko's snowfall amounts "will be nothing like those from Nemo" (e.g. northern Maine may pick just up 3 to 5 inches).