Mississippi Tornado Damage LIVE: 80 Injured, 300 Buildings Wrecked By Twister


Residents of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, were shaken by a fierce tornado that wrecked homes and injured 80.

Governor Phil Bryant will visit Hattiesburg, where the twister ripped the town's main streets wrecking buildings at the governor's alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi — according to The Weather Channel.

Authorities said that, even though approximately 82 people had been injured, and about 300 buildings were damaged, there weren't reports of any deaths. 

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency spokesman Greg Flynn said, "it appears a single tornado caused the damage in Forrest, Marion and Lamar counties. The problem is, it was so strong that there's so much debris that there's a lot of areas they haven't been able to get to yet."

On campus, trees were "snapped in half" and around the Alumni House part of the roof was "ripped away." The university released a statement saying that, even though no one had been hurt but, they were under "a state of emergency."