Wilmington Courthouse Shooting Was Caused By a Custody Dispute


The shooting at a Delaware courthouse in Wilmington, that resulted in the deaths of at least three people, including the gunman, may have stemmed from a custody dispute — officials said according to Bloomberg.

State police Sergeant Paul G. Shavack said that a total of five people got shot, though it is still unclear if the fatal victims were shot by the suspected gunman or police during the confrontation. It also remains to be confirmed if the suspect used a handgun or a rifle to carry out the assault. 

Police said the shooter walked into the courthouse lobby and was confronted by police, sparking the exchange of gunfire. An unidentified source said the incident stemmed from a "domestic dispute" involving the gunman and his wife.

According to Bloomberg, Delaware Superior Court Judge Jerome Herlihy, who was at the scene, said he heard "about four shots" at 8:10 a.m. followed by a child "screaming wildly."