On Black Friday, Don't Occupy My Wal-Mart


This Friday, Occupy Wall Street, will be occupying publicly traded, big businesses such as the Dollar Tree, Toys R Us, and Amazon.com.

So, on Black Friday, the day when big business' prices are at their lowest, a group of OWS protesters will be standing outside urging us not to go inside or take advantage of the very low prices. This runs counter-productive to my reaching the sales-nirvana that awaits me. During a time when layoffs are looming and the economy is struggling to make a recovery, perhaps the 99% just need a break.

Black Friday is a day of discount heaven for consumers. The rock-bottom prices make many feel as though on this day, they're getting their money's worth. All those things that we over-paid for throughout the year will be avenged.

Wal-Mart has been a main target for Occupy protesters, but on Friday they'll be selling dolls for $5, children's clothes for $3 and $4, and a whole waffle-maker for $2.84. A whole waffle-maker. I know, we all want to stick it to the man, but during this time shouldn't we be ripping the man off by buying enormous amounts of goods at the lowest possible prices?

How does boycotting the Dollar Tree, which provides goods at a remarkably low price to those who need them, hurt anyone but those who need the goods? Aside from blatant consumerism, it also makes it a little easier to donate to organizations like Toys for Tots, AmVets, and the Salvation Army when holiday-shoppers are able pick up things like toys and children's clothes for $3 and $5.

Protesting instead of shopping this Black Friday may sound good to those of us who may not be facing real economic hardship. However, most of the 99% that OWS alleges to represent will benefit greatly from this shopper's delight. People who may not have a lot still need to feel as though can provide for themselves or maybe just bring a little holiday joy to their families and children.

Saving loads of money means a lot to those in need or struggling and being able to afford to give a little something is a joy that cannot be replaced. Please don't occupy my Wal-mart.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons