Sullivan High School Prom: Christian Students Throw Alternate "Traditional" Prom, Banning Gays


Students and parents at Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Indiana have formed a group to hold a separate "traditional" prom, away from homosexual students. The school prom will take place on April 27.

In an effort to "serve the Lord", these students are attempting to get the whole school not to show up to the official prom so that the LGBT students end up attending a nearly empty decorated school gym (I don't know that it's really in the gym, but just imagine that). It doesn't sound very Christian to me.

So here we go again with another ridiculous attempt at "separate but equal". The group claims to not being "judging" LGBT students, but instead claims to be "standing on the word of God."

The school's principal, David Springer, says that "anybody can go to the prom" this "movement," if that's what you want to call it, is unofficial. But it's not totally a student and parent thing. There are some randoms here, namely Diana Medley, a special education teacher who works locally to Sullivan.

What are her reasons for trying to keep homosexual high school students from attending prom with the rest of the student body? Well, apparently homosexuality is a choice, and therefore a sin. She says, "I don’t believe they were born that way. I think that life circumstances made them that way."Somehow, this makes the prom situation her business.

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking someone got stood up about a million years ago.

Ironically, a student involved in the group named Bonnie McCammon says "We love the homosexuals, but we do not condone what they’re doing." What are they doing exactly, besides what you claim to love them in spite of-- being homosexual? 

I seem to remember quite a few stories of Jesus keeping company with many different people. Did he not sit down to eat with "sinners," and preach to everyone, no matter how righteous they claimed to be? I'm no policer of faiths, but I think there's some weird interpretation happening in this situation.

What this group is doing seems less like standing up for what they believe in and instead like bullying under a different name. But they don't have to go to the school prom if they don't want to, so there's nothing punishable here. This should make us think about why a religion with the main theme of "loving one another as you love yourself" still gets interpreted by the intolerant and the ignorant as "make anyone who doesn't believe what you believe feel alienated and persecuted."