Valentine's Day 2013: 4 Best Valentine's Day Moments in Sitcom History


Forget to write your significant other a Valentine's Day card? Expect the last-minute search for the perfect gift to be full of hijinks and hilarity? You might be writing the Valentine's Day episode for a so-so sitcom. 

Not if you've made it onto this list, though. Here are five sitcoms that have succeeded in delivering high-quality, clever Valentine's Day specials.

1. Troy and Pierce dance in elegant womens' pant suits, "Communication Studies", Community

After their Spanish professor, Chang thinks that Troy and Pierce tried to mess with him, he punishes the two by making them accompany him to the school's Valentine's Dance. And they have to wear elegant womens' pant suits. 

"Never let 'em see you cry" remains the motto for Pierce and Troy as they bump n' grind with Chang and the entire student body laughs at them.

2. Dwight gets a bobblehead, "Valentine's Day", The Office

While the moment may not have been LOL-worthy as you watched the show, the amount of people who wanted a Dwight Schrute bobblehead after this episode multiplied beyond belief. The office immortalized the already unimitable Dwight with Angela's gift to her secret lover.

3. Phil and Claire Dunphy's role playing, "My Funky Valentine", Modern Family

Any time role-playing is involved, the heat not only increases the romance level, but it also increases the chances of something going wrong. When Phil Dunphy plays Clive Bixby, he almost always messes up. In this episode, a father-in-law sees far too much of his son-in-law's eccentric role-playing side. Plus, Phil's "sexy" is a little off-kilter

4. Andy performs for senior citizens, "Galentine's Day", Parks and Recreation

Andy's band, Mouse Rat's cover of "The Way You Look Tonight" is top notch. Sadly, he has no idea. Instead, he's worried that his eyes will fall out of his head and he'll die if the music turns out great. 

The episode as a whole advances many love-related story lines, especially the Andy and April one, leading the way to one of TV's best romances.

Expect to see more Valentine's Day-themed episodes this week, just don't count on many to top the moments on this list.