What Time the State of the Union is On


President Obama will enter the Congressional Chamber and begin his State of the Union speech at 9 pm EST. If his past is any indicator, he will roughly end his speech an hour or so after the 9 o'clock start time. Marco Rubio will then make the Republican response. So expect all the political back and forth to end around 10:30 pm EST.

(To see where President Obama's speech length time stand in comparison to other SOTU Addresses, click here)

Barack Obama

average (ex. 2009)

1:05:21 2009 NOT a "State of the Union" February 24, 2009 spoken 0:51:44   January 27, 2010 spoken 1:09:20   January 25, 2011 spoken 1:01:34   January 24, 2012 spoken 1:04:44   February 12, 2012 spoken TBD