Gun Control Debate: Is Joe Biden Committing Treason By Attacking the Second Amendment?


Here you go, conspiracy nuts! The vice president is throwing you (and me, because I'm a nut, too) a bone. This is not just any bone, though. This is a deluxe, gourmet, top-of-the-line Milk Bone!

On Monday, Joe Biden spoke during a meeting with the Philadelphia police commissioner and others on recently proposed gun control measures. 

According to the vice president, "There is no conflict, none, zero with any of the things suggested here today with the Second Amendment and right of legitimate citizens to hold and bear arms for their own self protection."

He went on to say, "The social media that exists out there, the tragedies that have occurred, the Supreme Court decision affirming that its an individual right to bear arms - all give a lie to the argument that what we're trying to do is somehow unconstitutional, or somehow goes after the legitimate right to own and bear arms and to hunt and protect yourselves." 

Vice President Biden says the Obama administration is looking for "legitimate media" to spread the word of gun control across America. The implication here is obviously that people will believe whatever they see on the TV. You know what? He's right.

Most alarming to me was the vice president's willingness to openly tear down the Supreme Court decisions that the Second Amendment speaks to an individual's right to bear arms, not a standing army. In saying this, Biden is clearly advocating major media outlets attempt to sway public opinion and support in favor ofan unconstitutional law. 

His words can easily be construed as traitorous and indicative of much more sinister goals in an attempt to usurp even more power for the Executive Branch. Before you folks go all loony on the traitor comment, Meriam-Webster clearly defines a traitor as someone "who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty."

The vice president, and all elected officials in America, have a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and its laws, including amendments. If he wants to change the Second Amendment then he needs to get three quarters of the states to vote for ratification. Otherwise, by attempting to use state run media and propaganda for political gain to subvert his oath, he is committing a treasonous act.

Ironically, the "legitimate media" has not reported on this story – not once. I guess that means we have nothing to worry about ... or maybe we do.