A fuller introduction


I'm one of the fortunate few invited to live tweet/blog the State of the Union by the White House Office of Digital Strategy.

Early last week I applied to livetweet the State of the Union from a link posted by the @WhiteHouse twitter account. The form was short and I didn't think too much of it, figuirng that even if my bid would get read, my reasons for going wouldn't be as compelling compared to others. So when I received a message from a White House email account on Thursday, I was pretty dubious of its contents. Then I wondered if I could afford the flight. Then I determined if I could get enough work done so as not to jeporadize and already busy week. By the evening, when I found a pair of unreal one-way tickets, multiple stop tickets, I went for it.

I arrived in DC this morning after a visit to urgent care for a (debunked) appendicitis scare and 3 connecting red-eye flights. So far, so good.

Also, the opportunity includes a Q&A with administration officials. If there's a question you'd like for me to ask, feel free to comment on the live blog and/or tweet at me.

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